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Dr. N. Yutaka has been mastering in specialized dental treatment.
Dr. Yutaka and her staff treat our patients' with the appreciation to the combination of skills with modern technologies and methods of treatment. Their comfort and satisfaction are our key goals.



Our English speaking staff assists you from the beginning to the end.
There is no need to feel apprehension any more about visiting a dentist.
The English speaking foreign community living in Osaka now has been available a complete range of dental and oral care including all of the following in which you may use the Japanese health insurance or non-insurance treatment.


*Crown and Denture construction
*Bridge construction
*Cavity and Root Canal treatment
*Gingivitis treatment


After taking CT, we will provide a full explanation of the treatment in English and show you treatment fees, and will not start without your informed consent.

Note: The Japanese health insurance does not cover implant, esthetic treatment and material like gold and ceramic.

Customer Comments and Photos

David LeeDavid just finished his dental check up.
We recommend to visit our clinic every 6 months for a check up.



David LeeI have always found dental treatment painful, expensive and generally unpleasant, so when I came to Yutaka dnetal clinic at first I was quite nervous. However, the friendly staff, Mrs Yutaka's excellent English and Dr Yutaka’s skill and experience made my 3 visits pain free,English Speaker efficent, enjoyable and educational. Seeing the bacteria that live inside our mouths was an enlightening experience.I will definitely come back again and I would highly recommend Yutaka dental clinic to anyone.

David Lee

Peggy Holsclaw


Peggy Holsclaw



Peggy Holsclaw

Shandar AhmadOur dental hygienist guides Mr. Shander to the best gum disease cure, gingivitis treatment.


Shandar Ahmad

Address, Phone Number, Map
Yutaka Dental Office
【Address, Phone Number】
Yutaka Dental Office
2-17-26 Higashi-Mikuni Yodogawa-ku Osaka-shi Osaka 532-0002


【By train】
・3 minutes walk from the Higashi-Mikuni Station on Osaka Municipal Subway Midosuji Line.
・5 minutes walk from the Higashi-Yodogawa Station on JR Line.
・Please call for further directions from your station.
Consulting hours
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
AM 10:00〜PM 1:00 /
PM 3:00〜PM 7:30 /
Closed on Thu,Sun,National holidays.
If a holiday falls during the week, treatment will be held on that Thursday.
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Price List
Non-Insurance Treatment Fee
Teeth Cleaning

Cleaning (Including tarter & plaque removal)


Additional stain removal

\3,300 per 30 minutes
Dental Examination

First Visit Fee (Including Panoramic X-ray)

General Treatment

Composite resin filling


Metal Inlay


Core (Metal or Resin)


Metal crown


Resin-fused-metal crown


Root canal treatment
 *front tooth
 *bicuspid tooth
 *molar tooth


Antiinflammatory treatment


Tooth extraction
 *front tooth
 *bicuspid tooth
 *molar or wisdom tooth



Cosmetic Treatment

High carat porcelain fused-to metal crown


Porcelain fused-to metal crown


All ceramic crown


Hybrid crown


Ceramic inlay


Hybrid inlay


Porcelain veneer


Fiber core

Above treatment fees include 5% consumption tax.
We also accept the Japanese Health Insurance.